This listing is for me creating a Custom Design Custom Size Soap Box that will only be for you, nobody else will get your design.


All you need to do is to tell me what kind of patterns you'd like

Whether it be Floral, Plain, Clouds,  Stars, Mystical, Natural, Your Logo etc. etc.


I will create YOUR design & once you are happy then I will create a custom listing just for you and you can order as many of your Custom Soap Boxes as you wish.


Thank you to Lisa from I Dream In Soap for providing me with photo's of her shampoo bars & The Boxes that I made for her, which fit perfectly.


You may wish to have your own bath bomb boxes, or cosmetic packaging for lipsticks, creams, eye shadows, wax melts etc.


I can do all of that for you, as long as I know what kind of style you want to go for.

Because this is Bespoke and a lot of time creating designs is involved only for you the cost for this one off design is £100

We will work together to make something perfect for just you.

I will also throw in label designs too to amke it really worth your time.


If you do not want custom packaging, simply buy from my off the shelf listings already on the website under "Soap Boxes"


This Custom Design Listing is only for those who want to buy my boxes.


Wix do not offer free shipping on a single item I'm afraid, so please choose the "COLLECT" option which will allow your order to go through without adding a shipping cost.

Custom Designs, Custom Sizes, Custom Soap Boxes

  • Watch the Video under the main image to see how to measure your soap so I can make your packaging fit.