During Episode 16 of soap making from scratch I created (what turned out to be) my favourite soap out of all the episodes of Soap Making From scratch (where I teach how to make soap).

You'll find those videos on my Youtube channel EdensSecret1

(but I'm guessing you already know that as you are here).

I've been promising that I would turn that soap into my own recipe.

This bar is loaded with Oatmilk, Oatmeal & with a little bit of Oatmeal Milk & honey fragrance oil just to give it the Edens Secret touch.

Its a very rustic bar (unlike what I usually do) but I love all different styles of soap.

A lovely big chunk that you could cut into 2 bars easily will fit your palm perfectly, as our bars are HUGE compared to most others. You get excellent value for money.

Ground Oatmeal & Oat Milk Creme Silk Soap