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Welcome to our New Website

As you know, our old website was getting, well, just that, OLD! Glitches here, glitches there, glitches everywhere. I paid a lot of money for that website but always struggled to get issues fixed. Couldn't upload images to blog, users had problems signing in, no thank you's for orders, one issue after another, until I couldn't actually even see text, then my products disappeared, oh what do I do now??? PANIC!!! I can't afford another £1500 upfront fee, then monthly fees of £25 for a website that doesn't work for more than 4


I'd been messing around with the Wix Editor, seeing what I could do. I chose a template to work with and after the day that my old website went caput, I frantically decided I needed to launch that Wix site, FAST!!! Fast it was. I realised that my old website had been provided by daylight robbery. I paid £1500 upfront, for a working site, everything else I had to do was done by myself. Image uploads, product uploads, all text etc. I did myself. Now with Wix, there is no upfront fee, just a premium monthly payment of around £22 and guess what, it does even more than my old site. I can even use my old domain name on the new site.

So excited to now have a full working, user friendly website, with the option of every option being available to use on my new website. May need some updates in these early days, but we will get there.

Launched just in time for Christmas Holidays.

Welcome to the new look, Edens Secret.

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